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    General rules / Gameplay

    1. Hackclients and mods (except Optifine and Schemetica(without autobuild) are prohibited.
    2. Alternative accounts are prohibited. They will be permbanned.
    3. Do not ask an Admin (or the Owner) for items.
    4. Staff is always right. Don’t start discussions. If you do not agree with their actions, you can report it under “Rapporteren” on this forum.
    5. Do not use a VPN without permission from the Owner or an Admin.
    6. Please do not destroy the map when this is not needed. This includes 1x1 towers.
    7. There’s a maximum of 3 warns. The 4th warn is a 4-day ban.
    8. AFK-pools/machines are prohibited.
    9. Automatic Redstone machines are not allowed on the server. They must always have a button or lever to activate and deactivate them. (This is to prevent server lag)
    10. You are responsible for your own Minecraft account. Please do not come to us with excuses like: “But my brother did this.”

    General rules / Chat

    1. Please be nice to other players and the staff.
    2. Do not spam in global chat or in private messages.
    3. Cursing is allowed, but there is a line. Please don’t overdo it.
    4. Sending links that aren’t approved by a staff member is prohibited.
    5. Sexism and discrimination is prohibited.
    6. Please do not type in caps. Starting names and sentences is one thing, an entire sentence or a lot of words in capital letters is another.
    7. Do not share ip-addresses or links in global chat and private messages.
    8. Imitating staff members is prohibited.

    Kingdom information

    New Kingdom: If you and a group of friends want to have your own kingdom, you can request one under “Kingdom Aanvragen”. The guidelines in English are found in the English section on the forum. While you’re waiting for approval you can join another kingdom or derp around in survival on Traveler Island.

    Traveler Island: Everyone who’s new on the server or has been kicked from their kingdom is a traveler. Travelers can play on Traveler Island. You have access to this land until you join a kingdom. All the things you collect on Traveler Island must stay there and cannot be brought to another kingdom.

    Revolution: If you feel like your current king is doing a bad job, you can start a revolution. For a revolution to succeed you need half of the votes from the kingdom. Voting is done by the members writing and signing a book stating that they are behind you. Staff members can decide to kick an inactive or bad king off his throne and assign a new one if needed.

    Kingdom Rules / General

    1. A kingdom consists of a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 30 members
    2. Inactive players will be kicked from the kingdom after 14 days. If you are going on vacation and you can’t come online for 14+ days, please notify the Owner or an Admin.
    3. New kingdoms have 14 days of starters protection. They cannot be attacked in this period. Note: If the kingdom decides to attack another kingdom, the starters protection will be annulled.
    4. Do not ask for the return of items you’ve lost. We cannot confirm that these were indeed the items lost. (This includes but is not limited to: being killed, bugs, lag or losing them to the server cleaner (stofzuiger))
    5. A temporary ban will be given to players who sabotage their kingdom. (Throwing away stuff, grieving etc.)
    6. Things you collect during your time with a kingdom belongs to that kingdom. You cannot take them with you when leaving the kingdom.
    7. If you decide to switch kingdoms, you will be locked in that kingdom for 7 days.
    8. You can join a kingdom by asking a K/Q/H/L. You must always have permission from one of these ranks to join.
    9. Smuggling items from one kingdom to another is prohibited.
    10. Kingdoms with 15 members or less can be filled with Travelers by the admin or owner. They do not need permission for this.

    Kingdom Rules / Building

    1. Buildings outside of the kingdom are not protected.
    2. You cannot destroy a building outside of your kingdom.
    3. Grieving and building against the border of another kingdom is not allowed.

    War Rules / Alliances

    1. Every kingdom has the right to 1 alliance. These can, with permission from both kingdoms, be requested on the Forum.
    2. Alliances are valid immediately after both kingdoms have agreed to the alliance.
    3. After making an alliance you must stay with them for at least 30 days, so think about who you’re starting the alliance with.
    4. If an alliance is broken there is a cooldown period of 14 days. For this period, you’re on your own.
    5. If the other kingdom dies out, you will still have the 14-day cooldown period.
    6. When going to war you can only take your ally. Other kingdoms cannot come.

    War Rules / War Protection

    1. The defending kingdom cannot be attacked for 7 days. This protection is annulled if the kingdom decides to attack another kingdom.
    2. After the war the attacking kingdom can’t attack the defending kingdom again till the War Rotation is reset. This will be reset every 2 months. The alliance of the attacking kingdom can’t attack the defending kingdom either.

    War Rules / General

    1. If the attacking kingdom wins, the kingdom that requested the war gets the war tokens. If the defending kingdom wins, the kingdom in which the war took place will receive the war tokens. The amount of war tokens the winner receives will be decided by the Admins or Owners. The greater the war, the greater the amount of war tokens. The war tokens will be given to the King (or the Q/H) of the winning kingdom.
    2. The war is won when: 1. Your opponents have all been killed, 2. The opponents have retreated or 3. The war takes over 30 minutes.
    3. A kingdom with 8 members or less cannot attack or be attacked.
    4. Do not break or place blocks if not needed. You can place blocks to defend yourself or break blocks if you are trapped or if you can’t reach the defendants.
    5. Breaking chests is strictly prohibited. Doing so will result in a 14-day ban.

    War Rules / Defending

    1. There must be a way for the attackers to reach the defendants. If this entrance is blocked, the attackers can break blocks needed to reach you.
    2. If the defending kingdom wins, you can counter the attack. The attackers will be teleported around 300 blocks out of the border.

    War Rules / Results

    The Admin or Owner spectating the war will decide the winner. This result is definitive. Getting angry will not change the result in any way. They will look at:

    · Which kingdom has the most kills?
    · Was the defending kingdom successful in fighting off the attackers?
    · Did the defendants flee or did they stay and fight?

    Staff can always change the rules if he/she finds this to be needed. If you see anything that needs to be added, please contact us.

    Translation by Mod Yessie
    [OUTDATED] accurate rulebook is the Dutch one, this one is nearly the same, except for a few things.

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